Episode 180: 5 Time World Series Champion Yankees Coach Charlie Wonsowicz

Quick back story here, in the first round of the Ballina Cup tournament I faced off against Liz. We each nominated a stoolie with a small business who could use some help during COVID. The loser donated to the winner's business/person. CJ Wonsowicz reached out and said his dad's restaurant W's Grill in Oakland, New Jersey had been delivering meals to hospital workers. I was immediately sold and proceeded to rout Liz in the game. She donated her $150 and I matched to make it $300 heading there way. Here was the end result. Just good people all around doing their part over at W's. Was happy to help in any way I could. 
Turns out CJ's dad happens to be Charlie Wonsowicz, a former coach for the Yankees. He spent 21 years with the organization and was a part of 5 World Series championships. Over the years he threw BP along with various other things like being the head video coordinator. Charlie had a ton of stories for us about George Steinbrenner, Yogi Berra, and other players. Nicest guy with a heart of gold. Awesome interview on today's show.

Also on today's episode, we talk about wet oreos (live taste test), the MLB's failure to get a deal done, and the brand new Esports team at Barstool.

(Outro Song: Forbidden Voices - Martin Garrix)