Imagine Spending 1632 Hours In Combat In A Helicopter in Vietnam

Great episode today that covers a ton of ground. We had on Jim Dunn, a Vietnam Veteran turned lawyer who discussed his time as a forward observer where he racked up 1632 combat flight hours in a year and a half,,,folks, that is 68 days total in combat. An incredible story worth a listen. Anyway, here are the rounds:

Round 1: New Zealand Goofin. Our Kiwi pals announce that they haven’t had any new cases of Covid-19 in 44 days. They acted like they’ve been there before and handed the ball off to the referee. 

Round 2: President Trump is taking shots at Colin Powell and his legacy over remarks that the general and former Secretary of State gave on CNN this weekend. We’ll get into that just a little bit. 

Round 3: The Marine Corps has banned all confederacy related images and flags from their bases. We asked the baby girls what should be banned next. 

Round 4: An attorney joins the show to talk about his job. Not litigation. He joins to talk about the 1632 hours he spent as an air forward observer where he earned 4 Distinguished Flying Crosses, one Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and an Air Medal with combat V. Jim Dunn joins the show to talk about his combat experiences. 

Round 5: You can wear only one uniform, EXCEPT PT GEAR, for the rest of your life, which do you choose?