The MLB Season May Be Fucked But At Least The Wilpons May Be Fucked Too!

On this week's episode of We Gotta Believe, we discuss the latest in negotiations between the owners and players. The players want a 114-game season, the owners want 48. The players are willing to take deferred money, the league decreases the amount they can make. It seems like the owners continue to move the goal post no matter how much the players are willing to work with them to make content. sound familiar?

Sports seem pretty inconsequential at the moment with everything else going on in the world, but an escape from reality isn't in the cards now that we've taken the red pill. KFC and I get into a wide array of topics this week including Citi Field's debt being downgraded (which seems like a bad thing for the Wilpons AKA a good thing for us), a minor leaguer going scorched earth on the franchise (which seems par for the course) and whether or not the Mets should just slap a C on Alonso's chest already (uhhhh ya think?), before getting back into the Mets Misery Bracket which may be the closest thing we get to baseball this year.

Things aren't looking too good anywhere you look right now, but we gotta believe things will get better and that we're moving in the right direction. Or not, which will probably lead to the Wilpons selling which may be the best case scenario for Mets fans at least!