2020 Takes + A Heated Argument Over Jerseys. Yes, Really... Jerseys.

Our country is hurting right now. Brandon and I both have spoken about it on radio, on the Rundown and the blog. We briefly discussed whats going on, but we wanted to take an hour to try to distract you from everything... even if only for a moment.

We looked at the news and notes of the week, take an early look at the 2020 season (and boy does it make me want to run through a wall) and then take questions from the listeners. 

... and there's an argument about jerseys that nobody expected. 

Also in today's episode:
-JT Daniels to Georgia.
-Jamie Newman vs. JT Daniels at UGA
-Is Clemson in trouble??
-Are Mississippi State & Texas A&M's jerseys the exact same?
-Does Alabama have a good jersey or no?
-Brandon tries to claim multiple teams he shouldn't be able to claim

See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

5:03: News from around the country. 

22:25: Early takes on the 2020 season. 

39:30: Answering questions from the Roughnecks.

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