The Podfathers - Distress Dadding

Obviously the murder of George Floyd, the subsequent protests, the police's reaction to those protests, and the overlying issue of racism in America is what we have to talk about right now. However, Large and I are also cognizant that our thoughts on these matters are not nearly as meaningful as someone who has lived their entire lives dealing with inequality. We've had plenty of voices at Barstool who can do a much better job with that like Willie Colon and Brandon Newman talking with New York Assemblyman Michael Blake on 2Biggs, Tyler and Willie discussing how we should listen on Token CEO, and of course Brandon's tremendous blog.

So Large and I commented on everything going on from our perspective as two dads who grew up without that inequality raising young children in a world that is changing every day and hopefully will inspire a world where nobody deals with that inequality again. As many people have said, this isn't a Black vs. White issue or a Left vs. Right issue. This is a Right vs. Wrong issue and making sure you teach the differences at home, especially during all the chaos your kids may be seeing on TV or social media, is extremely important.

We also get into the usual Podfather banter and answer mailbag questions.