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Cory Wharton From Teen Mom And The Challenge Joins Podfathers To Discuss What It's Like Having A Baby Born During A Global Pandemic And Raising A Kid On A Reality Show

On today's episode of Podfathers, we are joined by Cory Wharton from Teen Mom and The Challenge to discuss what its like raising a child on a reality show, the difficulties that came with having his second daughter born during the coronavirus outbreak, what its like competing with maniacs on The Challenge, and how good it feels to have beaten Captain Cons in an arm wrestling contest.

Also on the pod, Large and I talk about kids that purposely got bit by a black widow spider in hopes of getting superpowers, how to avoid raising a picky eater, the challenges that come with parenting now that school is ending soon, and an update from our Jesus cake listener who has been deemed King Podfather for now.

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