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Hard Factor 5/8: Florida Man Friday: Woman's Calls 911 To Get Her Fiery Crotch Extinguished, Man Climbs Under Moving Wine Tanker To Drink

On today's Florida Man Friday episode...

- Florida man arrested for stealing gator meat, tuna and crab from a seafood store, and was caught because of speciality license plate and hand tattoos of his children's names

- A woman was arrested after calling 911 and asking them to send a fire fighter over to put out the fire in her crotch with their hose

- Man throws tantrum at Publix and curses out cop because he doesn’t want to wear a mask

- A woman touches a large alligator on purpose after being warned by her friends that the same gator snatched a deer the week before and she gets killed by it

- A man ditches his car by the side of the road and runs and climbs onto a moving wine tanker so he can drink from its faucet as it travels down the highway 

- Florida man being chased by cops in his car ditches his car and jumps into canal to avoid arrest and gets arrested on other side of canal 

- Florida Man is facing assault with deadly weapon charges after firing both his Glock AND his AR-15 at a group of juveniles he claimed were “terrorizing his neighborhood with dirt bikes”

- Interview with Jeff Joseph From The Political Trade Podcast & Luckbox Magazine

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