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Catching Up With Jeff McNeil And Breaking Down Rumors That Steve Cohen May Be Bidding On The Mets Again

This week the one and only Jeff McNeil returns to the pod to talk about life in Port St. Lucie. We get his thoughts on the universal DH, robot umpires and what it's going to be like to play the same position every day (most of the time). He weighs in on the Beltran storyline and why he thinks Rojas was the best choice to manage the club, his days spent on the golf course and why he's got a bone to pick with MLB The Show. 

Also UNCLE STEVIE IS BACK IN THE MIX! We're not ready to get hurt again, but we're here to get hurt again. We're drinking the Kool-aid and only time will tell if it ends up being poison. There's no telling if the rumors are true or if the Wilpons will get out of their way long enough for a deal to come together but we gotta believe!

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For those that want to see three handsome quarantined gents talk Mets, here is the full video.