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Hard Factor 4/24: FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY! Tom Brady's Shenanigans In Tampa Bay, Stolen Sex Toys, Python Skin Masks, Concrete Block Hands & More

Florida Man Friday!

Just kidding, Florida, we love you!

On today's show it's all stories from the sunshine state, submitted by the listeners.

- Python skin masks are a thing, and we discuss just how that might work out for everyone

- A man casts his fists in drums of concrete to protest outside the Governor's mansion

- A man who really hates being woken up for breakfast by his roommate

- Tom Brady is terrorizing Tampa Bay and is not referring to the city as 'Tompa Bay'

- 70 year old man gets knocked out by his rival for delivering better food to the homeless

- A man has been stealing sex toys from a couple over the course of two years

- 5 star reviews and voicemails

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