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I Got To Interview A Personal Hero Of Mine

There are a ton of heroes walking among us now. First responders and medical personnel are absolutely worthy of such titles putting their health at risk for the greater good. Not to take anything away from those heroes, but a guy I've admired for years is NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah who breaks down the Draft. He was a former scout for the Ravens, Eagles, & Browns who moved into media and started a podcast called Move the Sticks which really got me into podcasting. I had been listening since before I started at Barstool and I still make time to check out DJ & (his co-host) Bucky Brooks break down prospects and use that as a look into how NFL Front Offices operate. 

When I found out we booked him I couldn't have been more excited. Before we started the interview, I had to tell him how big of an influence he's had on me. Did I go too far? Nahhhh. Never be afraid to tell someone you admire how you feel about them. That's the old school way...nevermind

Catch the full interview with Daniel Jeremiah to get ready for the Draft anywhere you listen to pods: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher