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How Far Would You Drive A Scooter To Get Your Kid During Quarantine? Is Large Sad "Stock Central" Got Cancelled? Is Trolls World Tour Worth $20? Is Captain Cons A Virgin? - The Podfathers

On this week's show, Large and I dive into stories of two moms parenting much different during quarantine. One is stopping home schooling for her 1st grader to focus on work, her non profit, and to manage cleaning (whatever the fuck that means) while the other is literally a ride or die chick traveling 1000 miles on scooter to pick up her son during lockdown. We also discuss Large's experience as Portnoy's cohost on Stock Central, if getting left back is ever #actuallygood, and a review of Trolls World Tour by the big time movie dads for anyone trying to shut up their kids for a couple of hours.

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