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Which Mets Quarantine House Would You Want To Be Trapped In For The Next 3 Months?

Since everyone is doing these Quarantine House challenges, we decided to throw in the most dysfunctional franchise on the planet into the mix on this week's podcast with a collection of the good, the bad, and the crazy in Mets history. For every Gary, Keith, or Ron that would be awesome to live with there is a David Wright or Jed Lowrie that may die in your care or an Anna Benson or Jeff Wilpon that could burn down the entire house. KFC and I weighed in with our choices.

Now you can do the same here:

We also discussed the Pros and Cons of a shortened season with 7 inning games and broke down a few more matchups from the Mets Misery Bracket, including the preposterous Mike Piazza "I'm Not Gay" press conference.

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