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Mayor Lightfoot Likes Her Italian Beefs Sopping Wet With Hot Giard and Extra Cheese

Sunday night, Mayor Lightfoot's office reached out to myself and Chief to see if we'd be interested in helping them market a new campaign they are embarking on in conjunction with the Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Hawks, Sky, Fire and Red Stars. It's  called, "We Are Not Playing"

Each team had an athlete get it on the action:

The message is loud and clear: stay the fuck inside. Stay the fuck inside so all of the teams we sink ever ounce of our time, emotion and finances into can get back on their respective fields.  But she also touched on the specifics of "staying inside".

Can we go for a jog? Can we walk the dog? Can we hang out on the roof deck? 

The short answer is yes, we just canNOT congregate in public settings. I went for a run last week on the lakefront North Ave Beach was SLAMMED with people just chilling in groups of 5 or 6. No bueno, can't have it.

But she also touched on how she prefers her Italian beef, whether or not she likes Jay Cutler and we played a game with her viral meme:

But it was also business as usual on the show.

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- We pick a quarantine house of Chicago athletes/coaches we'd LEAST want to sequester with: