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Hard Factor 4/2: Interview With High School Hero Canaan Bower, China Lied To Us, Masks Are Cool Again, NYPD April Fools Gone Wrong

On today's episode ...

- Interview with high school hero and 5A heavyweight district champion Canaan Bower who saved a mother and her three children from a crazy would be abductor. His Dad set up a go fund me for the soon to be college bound hero here

- A confidential US intelligent report leaked and guess what it says China fucking lied to us about how many cases and deaths they have for coronavirus

- Turkmenistan the country, is pretending COVID-19 doesn't exist at all and is threatening jail on anyone that uses the word coronavirus in public and on any journalists reporting on it

- The FDA is asking that all prescription and otc drugs that contain ranitidine like Zantac be immediately removed from market because it contains a human carcinogen NDMD

- Someone in the NYPD pulled off an April fools prank on official police memo to everyone saying they were moving to 12 hour shifts on April 8th, and it has previously been stated by the department that it is a possibility in the near future, so needless to say that did not go over well 

- Apparently face masks are officially helpful again and people should wear them in public if you can find them

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