Tom Brady is going to be a Buccaneer

What an incredible turn of events. In 2015, I decided to quit playing Madden for ~15-20 hours/week and focus my time on something more substantial. The thrill of winning franchise mode vs. the computer on All-Madden or hoisting Lombari Trophies in a 32 person online league where I got to draft my whole team had worn off. I'd done it all in the Madden world. There weren't really any other hills left to climb (e-sports was not nearly as big as it is now, I really missed the boat there). So I decided to buy a subscription to NFL Gamepass and start watching the All-22 for my beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We were about to land (what I thought would be) a franchise QB in Florida State's Jameis Winston and I already had an idea of what Cover 2 vs. Cover 3 etc. from my Madden days, so I bought a couple of scouting books and started watching tape. Jameis' rookie year in 2015 I started tweeting out some clips of things I'd seen on tape out to the masses on twitter. One of my best friends was consulting in the city and he'd buy me lunch some days with his meal stipend just to chat and have some company as he lived in Boston and didn't know many NYC based people. One day we met up for lunch and he brought a co-worker, that co-worker sold ads part time at Barstool. My buddy said, "You should write Bucs stuff for Barstool" and nudged his friend that sold the ads there. My friend hadn't run this by me prior to saying that, but I politely declined citing I didn't think there'd be a market for it. The other guy said that Barstool just hired a CEO and they'd be looking to bring on an Ad Ops guy sometime down the road. That was much more appealing and we exchanged info. A few months later I ended up at Barstool and went pretty under the radar for awhile as I was a business person working behind the scenes. In my second year, it was brought to Dave's attention that I was putting out Bucs tape and he decided to blog it. A lot has happened since then as being in Ad Ops has gotten me closer to talent. I also produce The Yak which Big Cat hosts which has helped embed me into the fabric of content. The Bucs haven't exactly been good in my time at Barstool, but then today happened. A Boston-founded company with a rabid following suddenly has a guy on the TB12 beat that's been covering the team for years. Not only that, but I'm putting out weekly breakdowns of the new team he's on! Get ready for a really fun season, but I'd like to humbly, and genuinely ask for your support. I'm not asking you to switch allegiances, still root for the Patriots or whoever your favorite team is. But keep tabs on us Buccaneers and see what we're going to do this season and beyond. I hope we'll make you proud.

Now today...when the news broke, I wasn't sure what exactly to do, so I linked up w/ my podcasting partner Willie Colon and we put out an emergency pod just for the people. Cause why not? We're not bound to the rigid guidelines of television. We figured it was the right time and here it is. My thoughts immediately after and a little backstory on how I may have suggested this move long before it was a realistic possibility.

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