Was War Of The Worlds A Good Movie, Or Were The Kids Too Annoying?

I know everyone talks about the sister being annoying...

...but the brother is equally annoying!

Yeah, go fight the aliens, you fucking clown. Go for it, man. Do it.

I like much of the movie, but the kids ruin the story for me. Spielberg did a great job at capturing the size and scale of the events in the movie, and it holds up years later here in 2020, but I am at a crossroads with everything.

Do you think it is a good movie? Let us know below…

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here), this week featured our throwback review of 'War of the Worlds' and more…

|| 0:00 – Buying really stupid items, toys
|| 12:02 – Ad Read #1
|| 14:11 – New Sooby-Doo trailer!
|| 25:53 – Tom Hanks is BACK!
|| 32:57 – “From Get Out and Us producers”
|| 35:18 – Trolls: Infinity War
|| 40:07 – Ad Read #2
|| 41:38 – Beauty & the Beast: Simp & the Wimp
|| 47:38 – Bermuda Triangle movie?
|| 51:07 – Taika Waititi Willy Wonka Netflix series
|| 55:49 – The Last of Us series happening on HBO
|| 1:31:41 – Box Office Game XXIV: Tom Cruise

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