Hard Factor 3/4: WFT Wednesday - Man Injects People With His Semen, Pornstar Hires Hitman To Kill Boyfriend, Man Locks Wife In Bathroom Fearing She Has Coronavirus

On today's episode of listener submitted What The Fuck Wednesday stories...

- Man locks his wife in the bathroom over fear she might have coronavirus

- Mike Huckabee Suggests Trump Could Suck The Coronavirus out of People and folks would still complain

- Weed makes you more immune to super bugs

- Porn Star Lynn Pleasant sentenced to 10 years in prison for trying to hire hitman to kill her boyfriend

- Body of woman who ran dog shelter in Egypt found partially eaten by her dogs

- A woman who’s house burned down the same day her sister died received a free umbrella signed by the local weatherman. You can help her by reaching out to her daughter on Facebook here  

- We interview a friend of the show who lives in Nashville and discuss the tornado. Pretty crazy footage of the devastation. You can donate to victims here

- Penis origami performer injures himself while pulling off his signature move "The Bulldog"

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