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Sgt. Slaughter and 36 Hours of Peace

Round 1: An Army unit had a DUI over the weekend. Nothing new there. The command went a little bit old school in the punishment. Does unit punishment work for situations like this? Maybe. Probably not. 

Round 2: America’s newest medal of honor recipient just got promoted to Sergeant Major. Having a SgtMaj with a MOH would be both a blessing and it would STINK. We’ll tell you why. 

Round 3: We have an agreement in place to leave Afghanistan! Woohoo! America and the Taliban signed the agreement on Friday. Afghanistan isnt on board though. Is that a problem? 

Round 4: Marine Corps Commandant General Berger is making some big changes and we’re going to tell you about two. One involves the confederate flag and the other involves making the Marine Corps the smartest branch in the DoD. 

Round 5: In the worst Stolen Valor news of my adult life, Sgt. Slaughter has been outed as a fake which kinda proves that WCW is better than WWE.