Ding Dong, The Deal Is Dead - We Gotta Believe

Cuncel the acquisition and Cuncel the Cohen. According to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the deal is dead. We went from our highest of highs to lowest of lows and it's all thanks to that slimy weasel, Jeff Wilpon.  Sources say that at the last minute, Jeff asked to extend his 5-years of team control, wanted (basically) a life-time job in senior management, demanded a raise as COO and requested use of the team's private jet. You can't make this shit up.

What else can we say besides this is exactly what we have come to expect from the silver-spooned Wilpon. The guy has been handed everything his entire life and on the one-yard line- staring down a $2.6 BILLION deal, he just couldn't let go.

Well folks, Stevie Cohen don't play that. He told little Wilpon to kick rocks and has left our team and our hearts in shambles.

When news first broke of the sale we praised Tiki for dropping the bomb, but now it looks as if he jumped the gun. Jeff's ego just couldn't stand people thinking that he got raked over the coals. He couldn't stand Mets fans naming Cohen "the savior" of the franchise and he responded by doing what he does best, ruining our lives.

So we are back in the pit of misery, looking for any lifeline we can grab a hold of. We're out on ownership, but we aren't out on this team.

We'll still be doing Barstool at the Ballpark and we're WEAPONIZING Citi Field. We are looking for our Fan of Mayhem. The guy or girl in the stands to lead the charge and chant in one unified voice, "Sell The Team!" If you think that's you, DM us on @GottaBelievePod on Twitter, @WeGottaBelieve on Instagram or go to and tell us why you deserve to be the one to bring down the Wilpons. Or if you have an idea on how we can organize some sort of boycott/protest that will actually work, let us know.

We're all in this together and we gotta believe that we can get this thing done.

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