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Anti-"bitch" activist tells Kirk Minihane why she wants b-word banned in Mass.

Takiyah White, the Boston-area activist who wants Beacon Hill lawmakers to make it a crime to call someone a bitch, joined the Kirk Minihane Show this morning to advocate her controversial plan.

"Obviously people can say whatever it is that they want to say because of free speech, but at the same time I just believe that because of the original definition of the word, that it's just very degrading in the manner that it is used today more and more," said White.

White said she doesn't believe this is a slippery slope that might lead to other words being banned, nor does she herself want other words banned.

Asked whether she would support criminalizing the use of the n-word or the c-word, White demurred.

MA Rep. Dan Hunt introduced the legislation on White's behalf following a longstanding state tradition of entering bills for constituents.

The bill would amend the state's criminal code to make referring to someone as a bitch a crime punishable by a $150 fine for the first offense and potential jail time for the second offense.

(Takiyah joins the show at 23:32)