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"You're either the leader or you're not" - Minihane Blames Portnoy for Disgusting #Slobgate Mess

"They took a shit right in his mouth, and he fucking ate it."

That's how Kirk Minihane described the treatment Barstool founder Dave Portnoy received from the company's Yankees fans and Jared Carrabis following #slobgate. Other spectators laid blame on the filthy animals who didn't clean up after themselves despite the well known rodent problem in the NYC office, but Minihane put responsibility for the disgusting scandal on Portnoy's shoulders.

"Honestly, I think it's a big knock on Portnoy. Huge knock on Portnoy," said Minihane. "Here's why: He did his fucking song and dance at the Dunkin Donuts thing and basically was ignored. The young people didn't step up. Ultimately that becomes the leader's issue."

For Minihane, the punishment the offenders will ultimately receive was not severe enough.

"I swear to God, [Erika and Dave] are more mature than I am," said Minihane. "I would have fired every fucking one of those assholes. It's just so disrespectful."

[Minihane addresses #slobgate at 0:53:00]