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ZBT #202: Hunger Strikes At The Citadel ft. Mr. Portnoy (Dave Portnoy's Dad)

Round 1: The Area 51 Raid is over and the Air Force Defenders won the day but the DoD still had to apologize for a now-deleted Tweet involving a B-2 bomber and a gaggle of Airmen.

Round 2: Army Captain gets the biggest boner for himself and creates the biggest closed door open door policy we’ve ever seen.

Round 3: Private Portnoy, better known as Cousin Mike and Dave Portnoy’s father, joins the show to talk about his time in the Army

Round 4: Jaguars star Cornerback Jalen Ramsey demanded a trade last week. He wasnt traded. This week, he called and said that he was sick and wouldnt be showing up to practice. Who the fuck is his squad leader and I expect to see them both with a chit from medical by 0900.

Round 5: Cadets at the Citadel, perhaps the most prestigious military academy in the entire world, are going on a hunger strike over the food conditions at their dining hall. Glad to see these future officers exercising their rights to complain about everything.