After Most Successful First Week of Podcasting in Human History, Kirk Minihane Asks: "What's Left to Accomplish?"

Kirk Minihane has finished the single most successful first week in the history of podcasting. Soon to be followed by the single most successful second week of podcasting. Yet somehow he remains one of the most humble media figures in America.

In Episode 5 of The Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane finally meets a hardcore groupie, the host of the Minifan Podcast, Mark Hannon’s Balls. MHB brings audio of a terribly awkward interview with Ellie Schnitt, host of Barstool’s Schnitt Talk, and tape of Minihane’s old days as a Boston sports hardo. Everyone agrees that even Minihane’s bad radio is still better than most.

The scramble to knife Minihane’s producer in the back and steal his job continues. Several former producers are circling as Steve Robinson prepares to take a delayed honeymoon in Europe. Mark Moroso, who lasted for two or three podcasts, is prepared to dress up as a dog, be Blind Mike’s service animal, and eat dog food (the wet kind). Dave Cullinane, who holds the record for the shortest stint as Minihane’s producer at 48 hours, is scheming behind the scenes. The entire dynamic is taking an incredible toll on Minihane, who is in no way enjoying the drama.

Minihane continues to be fearless in the face of unprecedented persecution at the hands of corrupt, incompetent politicians.

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