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Cuncel Is Coming

On this week’s We Gotta Believe, KFC and I recap the Cardinals debacle, Kevin and Pete Alonso getting into it on Twitter over the weather, Paul DeJong being a first-ballot Hall of Fame Mets Killer, and some wonderful stories from our first ever Mets Fans Anonymous meeting that took place at Barstool At The Ballpark.

We also delve into why Jeff Wilpon is a drug dealer and the real reason the Mets have been a circus for the last 15 years, which caused me to lose my goddamn marbles during the pod.

Yes, I know that putting out an episode called Cuncel Is Coming mere hours after the Mets kicked the shit out of the Braves seems crazy. But that’s all part of the cycle of taking drugs. Those drugs will at some point make you feel good again before you get down and they rip your soul apart. Knowing that you have a problem and not falling back into that trap is how you kick the addiction.