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Barstool's Newest Hire Brandon Walker Joins The Podfathers

On today’s Podfathers, we are joined by Barstool’s newest hire, Brandon Walker. Brandon talks about what it was like to get ambushed by a horde of Stoolies and survive, home schooling three of his four kids, how his wife felt about him joining a company of professional morons, if he’s worried about getting fired by Dave for going on a cold streak, potentially fighting in Rough N Rowdy, and if there will be any rivalry with Rico Bosco and the Rico Ryders.

We also delved into the story of a man suing his parents for $82,000 for throwing away his porn stash, how to deal with an over the top mother-in-law, and how shitty of a parent you must be if you bring your kid to an all day softball tournament.

Large, if you are reading this, I hope you had a very relaxing day on the beach while we recorded this episode. Hopefully you found a couple of bucks to buy me some salt water taffy and fudge.