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ZBT #145: Customs & Courtesies

Round 1(5m): Customs and courtesies can be a huge pain in the dick but they also are the backbone of military traditions. We asked our followers on Instagram and Twitter which customs and courtesies they’d get rid of and why

Round 2(20m):  Troops all across the world are dealing with shitty base housing. Fort Hood recently had a meeting about their issues that ranged from mold and lead paint, to snakes and cockroach infestations, and dangerously faulty window screens

Round 3(27m):  Finally, men wont be taken advantage of anymore thanks to a brave group from  who wants to make sure the ladies can get drafted into the military too.

Round 4(32m): We had a listener submit the most dangerous drinking game the barracks have ever seen. How quickly would you die if you played?