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ZBT #144: Haitian Vacation Gone Wrong featuring Jesse Iwuji

Round 1(5m): Five veterans are a among group of 8 arrested in Haiti, and they couldn’t lie their way out of trouble. Also don’t mess with the Serbians

Round 2(14m): A gun maker who scored a huge contract with the Marines is making headlines after calling them ‘Crayon Eaters’ in a viral post

Round 3(17m): Interview with NASCAR driver & Navy officer Jesse Iwuji, who spoke with us while wearing his Navy football jersey to troll Cons

Round 4(42m): An Airman pretended to be a CIA agent to impress a woman…and instead was charged with a crime

Round 5(49m): If you think that’s bad we’ve got someone much worse over in the Coast Guard, where a Lt. has been taken in on gun charges with plans of mass murder