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RED LINE RADIO EP89 IS LIVE: Featuring White Sox Pitcher Michael Kopech

I’ll preface this by saying we recorded this last Tuesday.  That was a big day for Kopech as it was the first time he had thrown since TJS.  We planned on it being a Scoop that we dropped today with the interview, but the Sox pulled the rug from underneath us and announced it themselves.  No, he’s not gonna be pitching this year.  I’d guess maybe a few innings in the AFL and then it’s off to the races in 2020, along with the rest of the squad.  Let’s fucking go

Nevertheless – the Red Line Radio crew is dominating the Chicago interview game at this point… Brian Urlacher, Peanut Tillman, Rick Hahn, Patrick Mannelly, AJ Pierzynski, Hawk Harrelson, Eddie Olczyk, Jeremy Roenick and a LOT more planned for this summer.

But with all due respect to all the guys I just named, the interviews we do with the young core of White Sox prospects like Jake Burger and now Mike Kopech are probably my favorite.

Why?  They’re just baseball guys.  Some people are just a common fan and follow the game at a macro level, but for the true blue diehards who really love the game, these guys are able to break down the innards of the game better than myself or anyone else you can read on the internet.

That… and they’re all just good dudes who are super easy to root for.  Our goal with Red Line Radio interviews is to kind of humanize the players and coaches we root for, and guys like Jake Burger and Michael Kopech are just normal guys like us.  They play video games, watch the same TV shows, read the same websites… they can just throw a baseball 100MPH or hit a baseball 450 feet without really trying.

Kopech also talks about how each and every pitcher wants to be the eventual staff ace and how high the intra-organizational competition to be the future ace is, but how tight they all have become as friends and how they

Our goal with Red Line Radio interviews is to give the fans a peak behind the curtain of these guys lives because they really are just good dudes not too different from any of us other than they can throw 100MPH or hit a ball 450 feet with ease.

Oh yeah, and Kopech has talked to Bryce Harper during the free agency saga.  Wanna know what was said?  Gotta do the following:

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We have a Stoolie in need – Jason Blatter got hit by a drunk driver while driving a little over a week ago.  He had to be rescued from the car by the jaws of life and has been in ICU ever since.  He’s had emergency surgery performed on his skull, he ruptured his spleen and has had 100 other injuries.  The financial burden this has placed on his family is obviously crazy, so if you have a few extra bucks laying around then toss it to his gofundme.  Stoolies are great at helping stoolies so let’s all step up to the plate for Jason and his family.