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Redline Radio Episode 69.2: Former All-Pro Bears Running Back Thomas Jones Joins The Show And Carl Buries The 2018 Cubs

The boys are BACK. Carl is back from his wedding to break down the Cubs, the Bears are back from their bye week, Thomas Jones is back in our hearts after he talked about how much he hated the Green Bay Packers, the White Sox are back to being able to spend some money, and the Blackhawks led by Jonathan Toews are most DEFINTIELY back.

The clip above is just one short snippet from Carl’s rage(starting at 28:20). He breaks down what happened from February all the way until the Rockies game and looks for ways to fix the Cubs in 2019.

Blackhawks are playing with that real effort and it’s hockey time on Redline Radio for the first time this year(1:12:12)

Bears fan favorite Thomas Jones joined the boys to talk about his favorite memories in Chicago and his new career as an actor(1:42:44)