KFC Radio: Introducing Call Backs, Top 5 Luxuries That Are Worth The Money, and Dream Road Trip Crew

Don't forget to subscribe, rate 5 stars, and leave a review. We kick it off talking about the people stuck in quarantine as Psytrance festival, a couple that was stuck on their honeymoon, and Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari's breakup. Kev's started watching Better Call Saul Season 4. Is it ok to watch a recap of the first 3 seasons of a show if they're boring? We rank the top 5 things that are worth the extra money. Introducing Call Backs where we'll find our best voicemails and call the person back to answer questions. If there are any voicemails you want us to call back, rate 5 stars and leave a review with your recommendation. Today's callback is last week's voicemail about a woman who tried to get in and out of a guys apartment in record time. (01:05:27) Voicemails today include asking for a new Christmas present, the dream road trip crew, and hooking up with a snake person.