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Tiger Challenges Long Drive Champ, Destroys A Drive, Casually Walks Away

I gotta be honest, I don’t love this. A year ago we’re holed up in bed. 7 months ago we’re talking we may never play again. Today we’re out here challenging long drive guys in Vegas? Baby steps, Tiger. Tread with extreme caution. These long drive guys are absolute meat sticks, we don’t want to be dragged into their mindless hardo games. Every minute we’re not competing or grinding we should be resting, recovering, rejuvenating. Here I thought whenever you’re not at a tournament, you’re plugged into some futuristic hyperbaric chamber from which you emerge stronger, faster, with better accuracy off the tee and more control with the short wedges.

But no, you’re whaling away with long drive psychos and partying with Barstool Nate?

Jesus Christ we can’t have that. Just when you think we’re back too…

Be careful, Tiger. Just maintain our health and we can’t be stopped.

PS — Absolutely roasted that drive tho.