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Drone Footage From The Aftermath Of Yesterday's Tornadoes Is Crazy

I just wanted to touch on this today.  It’s not your typical Barstool story but it’s a huge story nonetheless right now especially around here and in the southern states.  That’s the aftermath of an Arkansas tornado that killed 16 people yesterday.  Awful awful stuff.  Complete and total devastation.  A whole bunch of tornadoes ripped through the midwest and southern states yesterday.  We got some here too.  There’s trees uprooted and power lines down all over the place.  The sirens were going off like crazy, winds blowing HARD every which way and as of this writing one person was killed in Iowa and one also in Oklahoma.  My thoughts go out to everybody effected by this.  There’s supposed to be more severe weather coming through today/tonight so try and stay safe everybody.

PS- Not sure this is the time or place to say it but drones are going to change everything as we know it, right?  I mean look at that footage.  Not only can that be used for looking at the destruction but it could be used for things like search and rescue.  Feels like we’re just at the tip of the iceberg with drones and their capabilities.