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Friday's Top Ten Time Wasters - Charles Barkley 'Inside The NBA' Moments

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Welcome back to Friday’s Top Ten Wasters. This week is Charles Barkley ‘Inside The NBA’ Moments. He’s made such a name for himself broadcasting that you almost forget he was an absolute beast in the league. He averaged 22 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 assists per game. After the NBA, he lost a shit ton of money gambling so he started doing Taco Bell commercials. From there he made his way to TNT and here we are. There were a TON of moments to choose from so I tried to to pick the funniest ones. Enjoy.

10. Chuck thanks the Republican Party. 

9. Chuck roasts the Suns. 

8. “Google me, Chuck.”

7. Chuck tastes donuts. 

6. Every time he and Shaq physically fought on set. 

5. The Shirt-Off: Chuck VS Shaq

4. Charles loses his mind after learning the LAPD were called for a Rockets/Clippers altercation. 

3. Inside The NBA Spelling Bee.

2. Chuck throws a baseball. 

1. The Women Of San Antonio 

Honorable mention: The Five Buck Box