Big Buff Continues To Dominate The 2018 NHL Playoffs

The playoffs of Dustin Byfuglien continued last night. Guys is a complete wrecking ball and has just been making the playoffs his bitch. Last night was no different. Coming to the rescue for his Winnipeg teammates, ripping two Vegas Golden Knights players off of the pile and completely rag dolling them with one hand each.

I see a dad here. I see a dad who just saw a couple of the local neighborhood kids fighting down the street and Big Buff Daddy comes in to save the day and break it up. We are talking about a man amongst boys here. He is just so much bigger and stronger than everyone on the ice it’s like he’s the kid in 6th grade who had a beard and who went through puberty before everyone else and now he is just bullying people out there and it’s amazing to watch. And let’s be serious, the Refs weren’t breaking this up anytime soon.

Let’s not forget him basically ending Nashville’s season himself when he went Hulk mode on the Preds.

And maybe we should talk about 6’1, 225lbs Ryan Reeves who has been getting absolutely tossed by Big Buff all series. Reeves, who is arguably one of the bigger, tougher guys in the NHL, was supposed to be the answer for the monster that is Big Buff and he has been getting embarrassed.

And how about Reaves saying Big Buff’s playing weight is AT LEAST 275lbs. Can you imagine the puck being dumped into the corner and it’s you and 275lbs Dustin Byfuglien going after it? You can have the puck, pal. Just don’t kill me.

Hopefully the playoffs of Big Buff continue and we keep getting more of this beaut. Because this is some A+ content he is providing the hockey world.