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PSA - Don't Be The Guy On The Softball Field That Gets So Heated He Spends The Post Game Kicking Dirt On The Ump



If you’ve played any softball in your life you’ve come across this guy. He’s usually the one who wears batting gloves, baseball pants, and eye black. He takes softball and life way too seriously. He gets in fights every week and screams after big hits and plays. He hits the cages in the off-season and argues every call in every game. Now if you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself, hey, that sounds like me, or hey, that guy sounds sweet, realize that everyone in the world hates your guts. Your teammates, your girlfriend, the guys you play against, your co-workers, everyone. Don’t be that guy.




Also, in a related note, I honestly don’t understand the guys that argue calls in rec sports like they’re going to somehow get it reversed. All the umps are regular dudes. If you are nice to them and treat them with respect they will 100% give you favorable calls. It’s not like you’re Kobe or Michael Jordan and can intimidate these guys. Be normal and they’ll probably swing things your way. They just want to make the little money they get paid with as little hassle as possible.