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A Customer Lost His Mind And Threatened To Call ICE Because Workers At A Deli Had The Audacity To Speak Spanish To Each Other

We can all agree that this guy is a gigantic dickhead, right? Like we don’t have to listen to people try to defend acting like a huge piece of shit for demanding that people in the continental 48 need to speak English because this is ‘Merica dammit and then start threatening people with the ICE because they had the GALL to speak Spanish to each other. Launch this dickhead into the sun and then nuke the sun before it gets too big, kills us, and a future Carrabis gets to walk around with a smug I Told You So look on his face as the rest of civilization melts.

As for the guy in the rant, it’s always funny when a person threatens someone, goes viral, then gets outed and could put their own job in jeopardy.

The fuming customer was widely identified as Manhattan lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, 42, a registered Republican whose company bio claims he is fluent in Spanish.

via NYDN


I could sit around and pop off some other jokes about this guy giving lawyers of all people a bad name. But instead I will just say fuck this dude and wait for the internet to drag him like it always does.