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John Travolta Dancing On Stage With 50 Cent And Tony Yayo Is A Thing That Happened Last Night

So this happened last night at Cannes. John Travolta cutting a rug on stage with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type but I’m happy to have the opportunity. Just A Lil Bit bumping, Travolta busting a move and Yayo screaming as Yayo does. Travolta stars in the new John Gotti movie, 50 Cent is a big fan of John Gotti so here we are. The weirdest match made in heaven ever. Travolta dances exactly how I thought Travolta was gonna dance. The dance scene from Pulp Fiction ain’t walking through that door. 2018 is weird as fuck.

By the way, I’m glad Tony Yayo is still in the mix. I’ve done my fair share of hating on Yayo but I appreciate him still being around in 2018. Obviously he’s living off whatever stipend Fiddy gives to him but he’s paid his dues. He’s one of the worst rappers of all time but 50 Cent must keep him around for some reason. My guess is he killed a guy for Curtis Jackson in Jamaican Queens at some point in the late-90s and that’s why he keeps him around. But where are Young Buck and Lloyd Banks? Nowhere to be found. Sad.