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Just Guys Being Dudes Golfing With An Erupting Volcano Right Behind Them

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A tee time is a tee time. An unbreakable oath to play golf. Golf guys. Is it kind of weird that there are people in Hawaii whose homes are getting demolished while other people are out there teeing it up for a quick 18? Maybe but whatever. Not to mention they were more than likely the only ones out there that day. The course all to themselves. There’s nothing better than that. Its like in Zombieland when Bill Murray dresses up like a zombie and plays 9 holes at Riviera. He just walked on. And yeah, there’s a chance you get burned alive by (Dr. Evil voice) liquid hot magma but who cares. That’s life and what’s life without a little bit of risk. And, if you really think about it, it’s just another hazard. That’s how you gotta think about it. Just another thing to try and avoid out there. That top picture is downright iconic. The guy should blow that picture up and put it in his living room. Just guys being dudes.