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Chuck Liddell Confirms That He's Coming Out Of Retirement And Would Like To Fight Jon Jones

“Chuck Liddell Has A Death Wish” was my alternate headline for this blog.

What’s wrong with this guy, seriously? Does he just want an easy way out of his marriage or a mortgage or something?

He’s been teasing a return for quite some time now, which everyone around him has been very disapproving of, and now he says he’s confirmed coming back to fight Tito Ortiz, another retired guy who probably shouldn’t be fighting, because “if he’s competitive” then why not? Huh? Chuck, you weren’t “competitive” when you retired EIGHT YEARS AGO! What in the world is making him think he could stand toe-to-toe with anyone even slightly respectable in this day and age? Like, if you want some context on how long the Iceman’s been out of the game…Ronda Rousey hadn’t even made her AMATEUR MMA debut when he called it quits. He thinks he’s gonna wipe off the ring rust and challenge the greatest of all time now? Yiiiiikes.

Chuck, I love ya, but I think I speak for everyone when I say you’ve given enough to the sport. No más, por favor.

Let’s see how Bones is taking this challenge…

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.29.19 PM

Yep. Pretty much how I figured. I say with no hyperbole that Jon Jones would knock Chuck Liddell out with the first punch (or kick) he threw. Please for the love of god, continue enjoying retirement Chuck.