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If You're Looking For The Hockey Equivalent To A Monday, May I Present To You Team Sweden Failing To Score Not Once But Twice On An Empty Net

In case you’ve been too busy keeping up with this little tournament called the “Stanley Cup Playoffs”, the 2018 IIHF World Championships are currently going down in Denmark. A tournament filled with all the greatest players in the world who are either 1) not playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs anymore and 2) didn’t turn down the offer from their national team to play in the tournament. Not to take anything away from the tournament at all. It’s just hard to give a shit about the World Championships when they coincide with the Stanley Cup and USA hasn’t won them since 1960.

Either way. Team Sweden was playing against Switzerland yesterday. The Swedes would go on to win the game 5-3 but the game very much should have been 6-3. Now I’m not sure if there is any fuckery going on here or not. I didn’t have a chance to look at the lines for this game. Was the line Sweden -2.5? Was the o/u set at 8.5? Because point shaving is really the only reasonable explanation here on how Sweden couldn’t finish on an empty net not just one time but twice in a row. Even if this is just the World Championships.

But sometimes it’s just nice to get a friendly reminder that even the best in the world fuck up from time to time. Next time you’re out playing at your 10:45pm Tuesday night beer league game and you whiff on a wide open net, just know that guys in the World Championships do the same exact thing. Next time you’re playing in your alumni game and trying to prove that you still have it when you very much in fact have completely lost it, just know that guys in the World Championships have lost their touch as well. We need moments like this every now and then. It keeps us motivated. It keeps us inspired. Because while you may suck and might be a total bender, at least we all suck together. There’s comfort in knowing that. Thanks, Sweden.