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Ho Hum Here's A Passenger Jet Casually Ripping Off The Tail Of Another Passenger Jet

May not be the most violent accident you’ve ever seen but it’s plenty to keep that flying fear going that you know lives deep, deep down inside parts of your mind you don’t like to talk about. A giant commercial jet slowly and nonchalantly giving another jet’s tail a full haircut? Makes you think. I mean if that jet’s a couple feet shorter it decapitates the back rows of the small plane and doesn’t blink an eye. Slices ‘em right off. One minute you’re positioning your elbows to win the armrest battle next minute your head’s stored for takeoff under the seat in front of you all because Captain Big Plane didn’t borrow enough room on the right. Just terrifying.

PS — Oh this was in Turkey? Makes sense.

PPS — Aviation rivalries are no joke.