I’m Pretty Sure These New Sports Gambling Laws Should Make Me Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams But I Can’t Figure Out How Yet

So the big news of the day is that the Federal Ban on sports gambling has been lifted paving the way for all states to decide individually whether they want to allow it or not. It’s huge news that has been a long time coming. It should be especially huge news to everybody at Barstool and to myself and probably Dan in particular.

Why? Because we are both degenerate gamblers with huge followings. I’d argue we are two of the most main stream gamblers on the planet. And not the fake kind like Clay Travis and Bill Simmons who don’t really bet, but pretend to. Me and Dan are the real deal motherfuckers.

Hell Barstool Sports started strictly as a gambling blog. I flew out to Vegas before I started Barstool and tried to get a job out there. My first clients were Party Poker, The Greek and Bet Jamaica. I know everything there is to know about sports gambling. I’ve easily lost mid 7 figures in my lifetime gambling (humble brag that makes me want to puke) but it should all be worth it now because Barstool and myself are primed to take advantage of this legislation. The only problem is I just don’t know how yet. Is it by making sports bars like Darren Rovell tweeted about? Is it me being the face of an online sports book? Is it us getting a cut of the action? Is it opening our own sportsbook? What is realistic and what isn’t? I have no fucking clue.  All I know is that Barstool Sports is the most effective advertiser in the universe for gambling. There is a reason I was offered equity in DraftKings. There is a reason those daily fantasy sites get in bidding wars to advertise with us.  Because our crowd trusts us.  We have a real following and our roots are gambling. Like yeah this  whole Barstool thing is cute and shit and yeah I’ve made a couple million, but this is real fucking money.  Instead of buying slow horses I can buy fast horses.  I’m talking waterfront in Nantucket not just land locked like an idiot. I just need my brain to figure out how. Go brain go! Go brain go!