The Caps DEMOLISH Tampa Bay, Take A 2-0 Series Lead On The Road



That was amazing. It wasn’t even close. Tampa was gifted the worst penalty of all time and that’s ALL they did all game. The Caps demolished them, all 4 really was just a shit pumping as the kids say. An absolute shit pumping.

From the first minute when Tommy Playoffs got on the board, the Caps dominated.

DSP and Connolly got on the board, Lars had 2

Ovi washed the dog AGAIN

and Holtby was Holtby, just on top of his game like he’s been all playoffs.

The Caps D was awesome, their 5 on 5 play was unmatched, and everything came up Caps. And all without Backstrom.

Tampa fans didn’t enjoy their time tonight. I guess the cute little bracelets they gave out didn’t do the trick?

2 down, 2 to go.

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