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It's A Shame The PGA Didn't Let Us Know Jason Dufner's Missed Putts on 18 Cost Him $770,000

This is what I’m talking about! I wrote this blog last month titled “Golf Absolutely Needs To Show Payouts On Screen So We Know How Many Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Each Putt Is Worth” and this is exactly why. Yesterday Webb Simpson was never in jeopardy of losing the Players. My pal Trent wrote:

This tournament was all Webb Simpson. Nobody was ever even really close. Does that make for a boring tournament as a viewer? Yeah it sure does. Hard to get pumped about a golf tournament when a dude is lapping the field. Do I think Webb Simpson gives a shit whether or not we were entertained? Nope and he shouldn’t. He’s out there to win and boy did he ever. He had a seven shot lead heading into Sunday and no one ever got closer than four shots. Domination. At no point did anyone think Webb Simpson wasn’t going to win that tournament.

When someone not named Tiger is dominating a Sunday like that, especially when NBA Playoffs are on, it is hard to rope in the casual viewer…unless, of course, the casual viewer knew what was on the line. And my friends, A LOT was on the line:

Golf Digest - Jason, if you’re reading the rest of this you might want to turn your phone off now, because we crunched the numbers to find out just how, well, agonizing the three-putt on 18 turned out to be.

If Dufner makes the birdie, and finishes solo second, he wins $1.188 million and earns 330 FedEx Cup points. Instead, he walked away with $418,000 and 115 FedEx Cup points.

Oh, and one other thing: If Dufner made the par putt, he would have earned $726,000 for making it a four-way tie for second. So, the first miss—from 17 feet so no gimmie, obviously—cost him $462,000. And the second miss, from three feet, cost him another $308,000.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Round One

SHOW IT ON THE SCREEN, PGA!!!! Let the world know how much these putts on 18 are worth!! Who wouldn’t flip over for a $300,000 putt? It would be the talk of Twitter. Everyone would be losing their freaking minds if they knew the first putt miss cost him $462k and then the second putt $308k. That needs to be on the screen and with Johnny Miller talking about it. His play-by-play of Dufner missing a $300,000 putt would be legendary. They need, need, need to make this happen.