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Reporter Asks LeBron What Happened To Start The 4th Quarter, He Literally Explains It

I’ll be honest here. I LOVE this move from LeBron. I don’t care if it’s LeBron, JR Smith or Jose Calderon, if you get asked something like this you have the right to explain it. I mean sure LeBron got destroyed by Marcus Morris today and the Celtics just absolutely beat the shit out of the Cavs, but he still gave the answer to the question. I mean that’s what happened right? Am I missing something here? Sure, people will get pissed about it because it’s LeBron and no matter what he does there’s a section of people (those who scream about 80s basketball and Boston fans) that won’t be happy, but I personally am one that loves when athletes give smartass answers to questions like this. It reminds me of one of the best answers during a presser courtesy of Taurean Prince when he was at Baylor.

And just because this video is absolutely hilarious:

Now, I know I’m a big J Journalist and need to stand with my peers here. I’m supposed to be mad I didn’t get the respect I deserved or the answer I was looking for, but how about the rest of the group just cackling in the back? Makes you think just what side they are on here.