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Hamburg Soccer Was Relegated For The First Time In Its 55 Year History So Fans Reacted Appropriately and Tried To Burn The Stadium Down

Incredible. Listen, I’m not a big soccer fan by any means, but I love the idea of relegation across the pond. How it works basically is if you finish at the very bottom of the league, the bottom three or so teams get moved to to a worse league. It’s basically saying you are so bad at this sport you don’t deserve to play with these teams anymore. The response from the fans, who had never been relegated before in the club’s 55 season history, was everything you could have hope for. They tried to burn the entire stadium down with everyone still inside. We can’t play in the Bundesliga league anymore? Well, now everyone dies. Completely rational if you ask me. Inside the stadium is a clock that boasts how long they’ve been in the division without being relegated. That will now be reset to zero.

Opposing fans brought their own version of a clock that showed how long Hamburg had until they would be banished.

Here in America we say we are die hard sports fans, but we don’t hold a candle to what soccer means over in Europe. It’s actually life and death for them.

Seeing this all happen yesterday got me thinking: Could you imagine if there was a relegation system in place for American sports? You want to fix the problem of tanking? I’ve got the solution. Threaten the Cleveland Browns with being exiled from the NFL. Imagine the Browns fans’ reactions if their beloved team finished so bad they couldn’t play in the NFL anymore? How much horse poop that would be eaten on the streets as fans realize how much of a joke they really are. How about the Mets? Imagine what KFC, Clem, BC, and Tank would do if the Mets were moved to AAA for a season. If their players were forced to take buses to games played in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Just picture Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Cespedes all on a bus to play guys who have offseason jobs to help make ends meet. Soccer might not be the most popular sport in America, but the thought of relegation has me all tingly inside. Oh and riots with fire from fans, that too.