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Graham Gano, A Kicker, Says Being Cut by the Redskins was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Him

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I bash my team. I bash them A LOT. Like, all the time. Usually if there’s a Redskins blog, it’s because they lost another game, or because Daniel Snyder did something asinine, or RG3 is tweeting Dashboard Confessional lyrics, or they retained one of the worst defensive coordinators of all time. But today, I will defend my team. An idiot kicker wants to talk shit about the Redskins? Get lost, clownshoes. The only reason he is the league to begin with is because the Skins gave him a shot. And then he went out and kicked FGs at a 68% clip. And they brought his ass back. And the next year he hit an entire 75% of FGs. Woooooo! Great job, kicker! No shit you got cut. And then got lucky and signed with Carolina. You had ONE good season, this last season. And now you think you’re the cock of the walk. Seen this story before. Seen it a million times. You get every bounce and all the luck in the world, kick a few balls through the uprights, and now think you’ve earned the right to smack talk. Eat my asshole. You’re still a kicker. One ladder rung under being a blogger. You don’t write a POGs blog then tell everyone else to fuck off. You know your roll, and shut your mouth. Kickers suck and I hope they get rid of all of them. The end.