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I Begrudgingly Respect Floyd Mayweather For Buying His Dog Louboutins


I wish I hated this move but I cannot possibly hate it. When you’re Floyd Mayweather, you have to keep finding new things to buy to keep yourself entertained. He’s bought all the houses, all the cars, and all the private planes. He’s tired of posting pictures on his Instagram of piles of money. So what does he do to keep it fresh? Buys his dog custom Louboutins. But of course. It’s such an in your face, I’m richer than you move, but it makes me laugh. It’s sort of like a monkey wearing a suit, a dog wearing shoes is never not funny.

So I don’t mind this move at all. It’s not like when he posts pictures of his betting slips. Nobody cares that he bets the Seahawks -7 for $30,000. Lots of people waste money on sports betting. My coworker Dave loses that in a week on day baseball games between the Twins and the Tigers. But my coworker Dave does not buy his dog custom made red bottoms. That’s a level of rich but also hilarity that I respect. Would be pretty cool if Floyd started becoming self-aware. Doubtful, but would be a nice little character face turn for him. I’m here for it.