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Good On This Giants Fan For Giving His Foul Ball To A Phillies Kid...Even Better On The Phillies Kid For Chucking It Right Back

Every single media member outside of Philly: “He’s just practicing for when he can chuck snowballs and batteries at elderly mothers with Lupus!* Hardy har har!”

That a boy. Wait – That a Dad. Way teach ‘em while they’re young. Of course you gotta give props to the Giants fan for being a decent human in at the opposing team’s ballpark. That was an extremely kind gesture from the bottom of his heart and definitely not a pure political gesture to ensure he wouldn’t get beer chucked at him at any point during the game. Good on him. Then again, good on the kid for not accepting the ball. Point being: You don’t accept gifts from the enemy. One time it’s an innocent foul ball, the next it’s a Trojan Horse that’ll end up murdering you and everyone you care about. Trade secrets, my son.

All in all, another adorable video coming from the depths of Citizen’s Bank Park. This obviously is reminiscent of the viral video when the Phillies dad makes one hell of a catch and then his cute as a button daughter hurls it over the railing. That was from…2009?!?!?! Holy shit I’m old.

PS – Still a fair point. Maybe.