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ESPN Makes It Official: Jason Witten Is The New MNF Guy And A Snoooooze Fest

Boooorrrrinnnnngggg. Jason Witten is a boring ass hire. I dont remember Jason Witten having a single funny, interesting, or entertaining take throughout his entire career. The fact that they picked Witten over say T.O or Randy Moss or Jared Allen or Maurice Jones-Drew or Justin Tuck shows why ESPN stinks.

Between Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Jason Witten, former Cowboy players are filling up the most important broadcast booths in football. Nobody wants to hear that shit. At the very least, we need 3 people in the booth. Have the play-by-play caller, an Xs and Os expert, and then a funny guy. Just not Dennis Miller. That shit was terrible.

I give the Jason Witten hire 0.3 Balls.

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